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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Impending Stage Source Doom.. Or Not?

First off - shout out to my mom. It's her birthday today! (Or at least when I started writing this it was.) Mom, I can only hope to age as gracefully and beautifully as you have. I love you.

Now back to business. I'm starting to get nervous about StageSource auditions. I'm not nervous because of the audition itself. I'm nervous because I feel like I'm not really prepared for it. I have my contemporary monologue nailed down, but I'm going back and forth on whether or not I should use a classical monologue that I've done before (not at StageSource but at other Boston area auditions) or a new contemporary monologue or a classical monologue that may or may not be "too dramatic" for an audition piece. Or fit with the traditional cattle call set up of one contemporary and one classical? (One very wise friend suggested using pieces with two different energies and I've DEFINITELY been contemplating that advice.) Ugh! Now, I'm aware that I've had months to prepare for this audition but I'm still in this boat. (It seems like a number of other people are too - holler if you're one of them!) The question is - why? Was I too lazy to start looking for pieces? I knew this was important so it's not that I'm not taking it seriously. Did I prioritize incorrectly? There were definitely nights post-work where I could have come home and worked but instead went out with my friends. Or am I in this boat because of the "lack of theatre" rut I just experienced? It's most likely a combination of the above. So great, I identified the problem, now what? And how do I fix it in the future? I guess I start by trying not to do too much before Tuesday morning. I devote time each day to preparation and hope that my passion will carry me through. I guess. But passion isn't enough in this business and I guess this set of auditions shall be a wake up call for that. I have no doubt that I'll pull through, but in my 20/20 hindsight, I'm definitely regretting not getting the ball rolling sooner. Oh well, you live and you learn. Back to the drawing board, er... rehearsal in my bedroom?


  1. Great. Now I think I'm under-prepared. How's your voice? I think you should stick with what makes you feel like a star instead of something you do to impress. Confidence!

  2. Thanks from your mom.