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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taking Responsibility

While trolling facebook this afternoon I came across a link posted to a friends wall about a new book called 20Under40 about the trending in Arts Leadership and how it is shifting to younger and younger people.

Instantly I wanted to know more.

I clicked the link and spent some time going through the page and really started getting into the initiative and mission behind publishing this book.

It talks about getting ready for the generational shift happening nationwide in Arts Administration and how it's affecting programming, marketing, audience development, and fundraising. And that really hit home with me. Part of the reason I jumped on board this crazy-train (and trust me it is a CRAZY-TRAIN) of starting a theatre company with Kenny and Erika is because I want to be part of this kind of movement. To change the face of the arts and how they are perceived and appreciated. To make them accessible while producing work I love.

And as I continued to explore the website I really wanted to jump on this organizations bandwagon too. I like the way they are approaching getting their message across. And I'm about 2 minutes away from becoming an Ambassador! THEN I checked out the info on the Launch party for the book, assuming it would be in New York but curious about the details, and it is NOT in New York. IT IS HERE! In Boston! Not only are they reaching out to the newest generation of arts leaders but they are doing it here (and in Chicago)! They are using two of the most up and coming theatre cities to launch this "generational shift" How awesome is that?

I'm saving the date December 10, 2010 to attend the launch party. Who's coming with me?