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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Helter Skelter

So it's been a week since our last post. I missed two last week, and we just got behind. Life is crazy. I spent 4 days in Chicago, Kenny was in DC trying (although, I will argue unsuccessfully to restore his sanity ;-) ) and Erika held up her end of the bargain amidst restaurant madness and starting rehearsals for a new project I will let her introduce you to. We were literally running in three different directions.

It's tough working three busy schedules into one productive artistic endeavor. Creating is hard work. It's so much energy, and time, and money. We're constantly fighting our jobs, rehearsals, classes, trips, and social engagements to get on top of the operations. And sometimes it's hard to stick with it. To make the sacrifices. To say "yes, I will focus mainly on this right now."

We're not in that place currently. It's hard to admit that.

We are making plans, we are doing the best we three can to give our energy to the company. We talk almost everyday, and have three different things we're working on right now. Planning a production, a new audition workshop, and a fundraiser. But it is a little helter skelter. For me it's important to acknowledge that. And to share it with you, our supporters. To say, "sometimes I can't make this my whole life." Honesty in creating is something I personally (and I'm 96.75% sure I can say that for Kenny and Erika as well) am always striving for. And running this company is no different. Part of this blog is staying honest about what it means to freelance, work, and self-produce, no matter what the realities may sometimes be.

But we do have continue to work to make it fit into the lives we're leading to stay viable. To keep our momentum up. To stay fresh and motivated.

So this is where you all come in. We need some feedback on fundraising. What fundraisers (FOR ANYTHING) have you been to that really work? That you would attend again? That make you want to support the cause? and also, what doesn't work for you? Currently our financial goals include joining StageSource, producing two-workshops and a full length show in the next eight months, and possibly gaining 501 (c) 3 status. Help us get there with your passion and ideas and we know the money will follow.

Send thoughts and ideas to us at colabtheatre@gmail.com.


And, as always, see something this weekend:

Tales from Ovid - Whistler in the Dark - The Factory Theatre

The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby - Lyric Stage Company

The Shirley VT Plays - Huntington Theatre Company, Speakeasy Stage, and Company One - All in the Calderwood Pavillion at the Boston Center for the Arts

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