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Saturday, March 12, 2011

What to say?

Holy cats.

So here I am in the CoLab portion of the blogosphere thanks to Kenny, Mary-Liz, and Erika. But what to write about?

I guess, what inspires me and what do I want to explore is a good place to start.

Being new to Boston it might be interesting to make comparisons to Minneapolis -- my old stomping grounds. The Fringe Festival, the lack of theatre space, the plethora of small theatres, the relationship of a major theatre to equity and non-equity actors...

Or I've been busting at the seems to talk with someone about process these days. About transitions and cheap magic, and how every time a director makes an assumption a props master loses her wings. About how understanding and utilizing the space will only enhance the story.

Or the business and the life of the new American play. How are we writing it; what is the zeitgeist we're writing in or the muse we're writing for; where is it taking place; how is it being funded?

Or maybe I should just say "thanks." Because, being a part of a theatre such as CoLab, which is dedicated to ensuring that the process of creating theatre is done the right way, is important to me. Like I said, I'm new here, and I appreciate being invited along for the ride. I look forward to making future observations and discoveries alongside CoLab.

So for now, I'll say just that. Thanks. Thanks Boston for being so inviting. Thanks KMLE for considering my brain for consideration. And thanks to you for reading. I'm looking forward to writing!

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