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Monday, July 25, 2011

This Could Really Be A Good Life

Ever get that feeling of excitement in your chest when you hear a certain song? It's this flutter. You feel like you can get up and save the world or run for miles or fall in love. "I've Just Seen a Face" by The Beatles does that to me. When it plays on our work soundtrack at the restaurant I usually forget what I'm doing and hum to myself for the next two minutes distractedly. But, I digress. Driving home from today's impromptu lunch with Mary-Liz, "Good Life" by OneRepublic came on the radio.

And maybe it was the thoughts of auditions on my mind but all I could think of was the forward momentum we have right now as a small group of theatre professionals. And with this in my mind, I got that excited flutter. My heart started pumping and I had one of those, "Oh yes" moments. There are times when I wonder if all the work we've put in so far will be worth it. Will it pay off in the end? Will we succeed? And then I remember our mission statement, "We focus on the process, not the product." Every day is a learning experience and every learning experience reminds me, this is the good life. Not the easy life, not the stable life, or even the forecastable life BUT THE GOOD LIFE. The life I want right here and right now - the life I'm putting together with people who share my goals and ideals.
I learned so much from play. Discovery this summer and I'm excited to put those lessons to use for Dearly Beloved. (You know, so I can make new mistakes and have new panic attacks. Ha. But seriously...) First lesson: list making will get you far. You can't plan for the half the things that are going to happen and a list will keep you on top of all of it. Second lesson: PLAN THE STUFF YOU CAN PLAN FOR. We've been working for so long under the umbrella KEML that it didn't occur to me how tough it would be to plan out schedules and problem shoot for 13 different people. Holy guacamole. (PS - Thanks, everyone, for being so patient and fabulous.) Third lesson: You can plug two sets of work lights into a heavy duty power strip, but the third set is just going to blow the whole thing.

In all seriousness though, after the overwhelming support we received during both our Kickstarter campaign and play. this summer, I have a new breath of confidence as we head into this new process. Our first full length production. I'll be blogging the whole way through (for serious this time, kiddos.) and you'll get to hear from some the other people involved with the process as well. It's going to be a wild ride, but in the end, I think this could really be a good life. :)

Oh, and you didn't think I wouldn't share this now, did you?!


Dearly Beloved By Brendan Doris-Pierce, Directed by Erika Geller premieres September 9-17, 2011, at Unity Church of God in Davis Square. In the mood to audition? We have a limited number of spots left for tomorrow (Tuesday). Click here!

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