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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Calling All Playwrights!

CoLab Theatre supporter, friend, and mentor Michael Carnow brought this project to my attention yesterday. He's a great dude, you have my word. Do it. The CoLab dares you.

Here's the call. We triple dog dare you -- I mean... hope you'll submit! (But seriously, you can't back down from a triple dog dare.)

Echoes Theater Project (Chicago, IL) seeks un-produced full-length scripts for its new play reading series.  Plays in the series will be considered for future production.  Please send scripts to echoestheater@gmail.com

Echoes Theater Company is a non-profit theater company that uses performance to increase compassion, empathy and the human connection.  We endeavor to create art that reverberates and affects a change within our audience.


  1. It's actually a new company based in Chicago. Apologies for the Company/Project disconnect in the above ad. We're still figuring out which to call it.