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Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Few Small Words

In August 2009, three new post-grads sat around a table at Bertucci's waxing philosophical about two simple words, "WHY THEATRE?" We all had different reasons for needing some theatre in our lives. We threw around thoughts about where we come from and we settled on these few words:

The CoLab Theatre is committed to cultivating artists and the creative process. We focus on the how not the what; the process, not the product.

And there we were. We were a company. Our small company continued to grow based on words. And our words turned into goals. And after two and half years of working towards accomplishing these goals, it is with a heavy heart that we have one more word to say to you all, “Goodbye.” Over two years ago, we set out with so many goals, and in their simplest form, we accomplished them all.

When we think of how we started, producing a number of free audition workshops around the city, selling cupcakes, and blogging, goodbye seems like a small way of saying, “Thanks for taking the journey with us.” It’s crazy to think that in July 2010, we launched our first show, play. Growing Up. The support we received from already established companies for this show was astounding. From here we knew we wanted to produce a full length show, and this is where our journey with Dearly Beloved really began. In 2011, we mounted two workshop readings of the script, another round of play., this time called, play. Discovery, and finally, in September we mounted the full production of Dearly Beloved. When we reached the end of the run, we were astounded. How did three 20-somethings pull any of it off?

Well, we had some support. The world tells us the arts are dying, but somehow, the experience we've had in the last two years tells a different story. We had support from blog readers, Facebook friends, and Twitter followers. We built a community of actors and artists that became our company cornerstone and created the family of collaborators that kept us producing new work. We were guided by older and wiser members of the community and many other small companies. We had an overwhelming amount of financial support from our Kicktarter donors, who helped us reach our fundraising goal in less than 24 hours.  And lastly (but certainly not leastly), there were the audiences. The quiet full houses, and the raucous small ones. The nights when the seats were filled with nothing but fellow actors, to the mornings when the seats held groups of children experiencing their very first show. We may appreciate you the most, because without you, our craft is withering.

So perhaps, while “goodbye” is a necessary word for this post, what we’re really trying to say is, “Thank you.” You helped us focus on the how, the creative process, and the cultivation of new works. And we don't take back any of it. But as we were fledglings in 2009, leaving one nest for another, we're finding that our mid-twenties are no different than our early twenties. Life is constantly moving around us, and our time as company is coming to a close. We are so proud of everything we've accomplished here, and we sincerely thank each and every one of you who helped us reach our goals. We will miss blogging for you, but we know this is not that last time we'll play. with you.

...and now on to the next big adventure! Much love and luck to you all.

Signing Off,
Kenny, Erika, and Mary-Liz


  1. I am so proud of you! It has been an honor to watch this project grow and I can't wait to see what adventure comes next! XO

  2. Congrats guys you did amazing work.
    - Shaked

  3. I love you guys, and it's been an honor to work with you. The CoLab-as-an-entity, and the particular energy and focus it brought to the Boston theatre scene (not to mention cupcakes), will be missed -- but I look forward to running into all of you on your next big adventures!
    ~ c.