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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why Mary-Liz Does It

I'm Mary-Liz. I act, I administrate, I direct, I dance around at odd times, and enjoy music, movies so bad they're good, shopping, eating, cooking, and nailpolish. I am a graduate of the University of Connecticut with a BFA in Acting and teamed up with Kenny and Erika in the summer of 2009. I met Kenny in a show, where he was the person I least expected to become friends with. I met Erika through Kenny...and then we were in a play together. She played God, I played a Cosmopolitan Magazine weilding airhead. The rest is history.

Ok, that said, why do I, Mary-Liz Murray, make my life in the theatre?

Three A's.
Acceptance, Adrenaline, and Artistry.

Those are the things I get from theatre that keep me coming back for more. There are lots of other reasons I do it, but those are the three that hooked me.

Since I started performing, over 10 years ago, (which makes me feel older than I really am...I have a birthday looming so give me a break) the companies, casts, and classes I have worked with have always been my kindred spirits. There is no judgement of me as a person, no one wondering what the hell I'm doing with my life, or why on earth I would want to do it. Not only can I always be myself in the theatre but it has made me who I am now, and there is no going back. I am truly accepted when I'm working in theatre, and there is no better feeling in the world than that.

Then there's that rush, that super-high I get after an exhausting rehearsal, an awesome performance, a standing ovation, a good review, a role that pushes you to your limits, a scene partner who challenges you...and on and on for days. Most people say that rush comes just from performing and it's enough to keep them coming back for more, but for me it's everything. I get that tingly, dizzy, don't-stop-me-now feeling from so many different aspects of my work and when something feels that good you never want to let it go.

And then, of course there's the creative outlet I have. A chance to use my brain, my body, and my instincts to make something thought-provoking or emotion provoking or laugh provoking or just something beautiful to watch or listen to. And every new project I get to work on I get to be creative in a new way, with new people, and a new perspective on how to create.

And then there's why here and why Co-Lab?

I do it here, in Boston, and with The Co-Lab for these three reasons, but also because Boston and theatre are the two things that hold my soul. I grew up here in Boston, and started performing here, and when I started there was very little here besides traveling Broadway shows. I want to make Boston a place for actors, designers, playwrights, directors, technicians, and administrators to look at as a welcoming and artistically substantial market. I want to show new theatre artists that this is a great city to live and work in. And I want to make Boston a place where community and collaboration are the heart of the theatre scene, and that's what The Co-Lab does.

So that's my why, keep up with us let us know what's your why?

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