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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Foodies and Alcoholics Rejoice! Gelology!

A few mondays ago, I performed in a fundraiser produced by Fort Point Theatre Channel. In addition to being paid a sweet stipend, there was also free food and free drinks. Normally, the actor's life is hard... but sometimes, things go really well. And sometimes... you discover a brilliant idea that you wish you'd thought of first...

Gelology: "Hello all. I am the resident Gelologist. No, not a GEOLogist, but a GELologist. I love to create gourmet gelatin shots and share my disco..."

He has a blog on this brilliant passion. I sampled many of the shots themselves, and I declared that night that I would spread the word on The CoLab blog! The blog offers recipes, photos and even a brief FAQ with important tips, including how to make Kosher gello shots!

bLimey- gelatin shots that glow!

I'm pretty sure these were cooled in a nuclear reactor just outside of Tehran.

Pineapple Mojito shots

Nature's candy, in my humble opinion!

Check out the blog! Be creative!


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