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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Headshot Dilemma

I enjoy doing things on a whim. It's who I am, and it's probably why I'm in this profession. Except in my line of work, I call whims instinct. But that's another story for another time. The point is, I walked into my hair appointment today and I said to my hairdresser, "Get rid of it." I could blame Dianna Agron and the Glee season finale. If her short hair didn't look so damn cute I might not have cut it. But I did.

And I like it. A lot.

But I have an audition tonight. And I look completely different from my headshots. Now, I've been needing new headshots for awhile. (I won't tell you when my last set where taken but I need a new face. To print.) But in my current one, you can at least tell it's me. I keep my hair around the same length, don't wear a lot of make up, and my look hasn't changed that much since college. (Well, there's a hint...)

BUT I'm about to walk into this audition with a totally different hair cut. This obviously wasn't a big concern for me when the whim swept me, but I'm thinking about it now. And so here's my question, what's the rule with headshots? I'm not an Equity actress. Most of the time I don't get paid for my work. How often should I be replacing my headshots? I'm obviously not going to run my life around what I look in these photos, but should that have been a forethought instead of an afterthought?

I DONT KNOW. I'm asking you, loyal readers. My photos are here for your viewing pleasure. Would you recognize me post-auditions? What should I do about my next set of auditions?


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