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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Introducing Patrick Poulin

Meet funny man, man's man, man about town Patrick Poulin!

Patrick is proud to say he is from West Roxbury, MA. He graduated from the University of New Hampshire and majored in nothing related to theatre. He has performed throughout his life as an actor in real-life situations such as: the time he wanted to make it seem like he felt bad about taking the last slice of pizza, acting like he was happy for the other team that beat his in the little league baseball championship, and pretending he knows more about current professional sports than he really does. Patrick so excited to be a part of the cast of play.Discovery, especially considering he went into the audition thinking the CoLab was where he had an appointment to get blood-work done.

See Patrick as Dane at 18 (Jick and Dane and Love), Jake (The Moustache) and as part of the Ensemble in play. Discovery July 13 & 15 @ 8pm. Unity Church of god 6 William St. Somerville MA. Tickets $5 Cash at the door.

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