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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Home Stretch

This week I am coming into the home stretch of the run of The Little Mermaid. It has been such a blast and I've learned a lot about performance stamina and more extended runs. This is the longest run of a show I've ever done (when all is said and done I will have clocked 22 performances over 5 weeks). The longest run I'd ever been a part of until now was 10 performances over 12 days. Not that impressive really. And at that length, when the show closes I am just starting to feel like I have a handle on things. With this show I've had a chance to really settle in, feel the highs and the lows, and work to keep each performance fresh and exciting (well at least for my audience). Getting to work with the same people and getting into a routine is really comforting, a sense of stability in such an unstable kind of work. I'll be sad to let it go. But also ready to take on new projects and challenges. Closing a show is almost always a bittersweet feeling.

So after a few weeks of posting about non-Little Mermaid related business, I am plugging the show for a final weekend rush! It has been a tremendous experience. Come see me swim my final laps, Friday @ 7pm, Saturday @ 3pm, and Sunday @ 3pm.

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