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Monday, May 3, 2010

Postcard from the Road

Hey Cats,

Hope all is well back in The Lower 48 or Down South as we like to call the continental US up here in Alaska. I'm having an incredible time. I've been gone for a week now and I've done so much it feels like I've been gone for longer (which is a good thing!). Time is flying by so fast but I've enjoyed every minute of it. Last Tuesday Lauren and I explored Seattle - went to Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, ate some seafood, found out that driving in Seattle is just as irritating as Boston as everything is one way! The weather out here is funny - rain passes in and out. It doesn't really downpour like Boston but the showers are much more frequent. Wednesday we drove to Vancouver and spent the night - the city is absolutely gorgeous. Modern glass columned buildings emerge on the waterfront in front of snowcapped mountains creating a very surreal effect. It's like someone mixed up the sets of Gotham city with the town from The Sound of Music. The next two days were spent driving threw Canada. Now, I've never been to Canada before but I'm pretty okay with staying out of that place for awhile. We saw some cool stuff - moose on the side of the road, some gorgeous scenery, and of course, the world's largest fly rod. However all in all, I'm pretty okay with being back in the US. Early Saturday morning we drove our car onto a ferry in Prince Rupert, BC and took the ferry for over 24 hours to Sitka, AK, where Lauren is from. It's insanely gorgeous here - unlike anything I've ever seen. I went out to the front porch to test the temperature of the day and I saw a lovely view of the ocean backed by mountain peaks. Gorgeous. Yesterday we hiked (and saw two bears - eek!) and Lauren's mom hosted a potluck dinner in honor of her return to town. It was really neat to witness the closeknit community here. I'm going to run as we've got a jampacked day today - totem poles and kayaking included - but I wanted to give you all a shout out from the trip! Pictures will be posted upon my return. I know you're all dying to see that fly rod. :)

Much AK Love,

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