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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It Pays to be Unique

This weekend, I will be seeing two shows for free. I never win anything, but for some reason this week I seem to have had the angel of Facebook looming over my shoulder.

First, I won Tickets to Actors' Shakespeare Project's production of Timon of Athens, which I desperately wanted to see. No good story here, I just spend way too much time on the internet and happened to be the first person to answer the trivia question:

Which 6 Shakespeare plays have only one word in their name?

(Any guesses?)

I was pumped! But it doesn't end there. Just yesterday, the A.R.T.'s Donkey Show account had a facebook status promotion:

"Want to win tickets for this weekend? Tell us your favorite disco move!"

All of the entries were of real disco moves. Now, I don't know any of the dance moves of disco. But I do like getting funky, and I've been to the donkey show enough to know how to get funky. But I lack the terminology. I figured, oh well, guess this isn't my day. But I did have a funny thought pop into my head...and without thinking twice, I typed it up and hit the enter button:

"The Line of Blow in the Bathroom."

Awkward? Offensive? Irrelevant? All fair charges. But geuss who gets two free tickets to The Donkey Show this weekend?

That's right. We gun' git funky!


Das Funkster

1 comment:

  1. Kenny, I think you deserved both of them. Good karma. You spend too much time on the internet, but it will pay back eventually.