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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Buy Local: Not Just for Produce PART TWO

A couple of months ago I posted about only supporting theatres who hire local artists. At the time it hadn't occurred to me to think even beyond actors and designers but also to our creative leaders. While this part of theatre making is crucial, arts leadership is a field where it's much harder to keep within a local market to find the best candidate for a job. Because of the nature of the work it is expected that arts leaders will move around and continue to move up the ladder of arts administration with different organizations. They also have the potential to bring in fresh ideas from the communities they've worked in and make them at home in a new place. That said, today I found this article from the Chicago Tribune (shared with me via StageSource on Facebook). Although it encourages the acceptance of out of towners as theatre leaders it's a validating statement about growing the arts in cities across the country. About creating our own artistic identity and stepping away from the accepted idea of there only being one artistic hub (New York). And how staying in a community and helping it grow, creates more jobs, arts appreciation, and a better culture of audience cultivation and retention. When the people who work for you WANT to be working in the city, patrons take notice.


And I encourage you again - buy local!


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