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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vote CoLab for Homecoming Court!

Today we're taking a break from all things serious to do a little promotion for Holland Productions' Homecoming Dance Bash: Written on the Stars.

Mary-Liz and I are running for Homecoming Queen and King, respectively. Before we ask for your vote, we are here to make our case, our pitch if you will, as to why Mary-Liz and I deserve this honor. Also, we enjoy enjoy pictures.

1. We're classy, respectable and attractive individuals.
We don't to imply that our competition aren't also hot tamales. But MLM and KSF demonstrate grace, beauty and a regal splendour worthy of the titles "King" and "Queen".

Here, MLM demonstrates her modest, natural beauty by demonstrating a classic 1990's "painted whore" look.

Kenny Steven Fuentes, known in social circles as "El Bossa-Nova Casanova", is a sweet, old fashioned lover who knows how to make the ladies swoon. He might not pay for dinner, but he knows how to treat a lady!

2. Nobility and a History of Mental Stability

How often do we find our cultural aristocracy engaging in uncouth, rock-star behavior? Kenny and MLM are hard working theatre professionals and producers who know how to work hard, play hard. They always keep a cool head.

Mary-Liz demonstrates her "about the author" style photogenic dignity.

Kenny continues to demonstrate that he has never been succesfully committed to a mental institution despite several court orders by the state.

3. We're classy broads.

Seriously, check us out!

On both counts...

...We're finger lickin' good!

So people have been asking "What does Erika think of all this? Who is she going to vote for?"

Well, we can't tell you, but she's very excited to hear that Kenny will ALSO be participating in the kissing booth.

She seems a little uncomfortable. Must be that other guy.

In anycase, whatever your choices, please come to support Holland Productions! It's going to be a fun night, and if last year's fundraiser is any indication, there will be a dance party galore!


Friday, September 10
8:00 pm
Elephant and Castle, downstairs
161 Devonshire Street, Boston
$10 (all proceeds go to fund our 2010-2011 Season)
Cash Bar


Be well,



I'm on a horse.


  1. I'M ON A HORSE!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH.


  2. I'd vote for that other guy.

  3. The picture of you in a trash bag straitjacket strikes me, for some reason, as absolutely fantastic.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, CoLab!
    Y'all better vote!