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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chekhov and Trivia!

Hey Friends and Colleagues,

I've been super exhausted and stressed lately, but in the way that stems from being creatively busy. I'm directing half of play. and rehearsing The Tempest, while shooting a PSA for a non-profit based in Cambridge. Life is a little nuts, but I wanted to take some time away from my social exile to show off my friend and collaborator Scott Fielding's new website.

Check it out! He's offering more classes in the fall and the website itself is really informative. I recommend a gander if you're even the least bit interested in Chekhov or Meisner.

And on a theatre history nerd note: He refers to "Stanislavski's system" in the correct lowercase spelling, just as Stan himself intended. Do knowledgeable readers know why Stanislavski intended his system to be spelt with a lowercase "s" ?


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