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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An Edict

Two things very near and dear to our hearts here at The CoLab:

1. Supporting local fringe theatre and small companies
2. Staying educated and up to date on American theatre in general

Which sums up in the great words Tadashi Suzuki "There are two impulses in theatre: to be frivolous or to make rules"

Ok so we're generally better at the former but we strive and aspire to be better at the latter. On that note, two things to look into as you plan your theatre quests.

1.) Support 11:11 Theatre Company this coming Monday July 19, 2010 by heading over to The Burren in Davis Square from 8:00p - 10:00p. They'll be presenting "A Knight of Peerless Peril - An Interactive Play of Possibilites". An adventure we definitely don't want to miss. Come one, come all and enjoy good beer and good theatre at the same time.

2.) Keep up with the latest in national theatre as well as actors, actresses, directors, casting directors, and the like by checking in on The American Theatre Wing (you know, the people who give out the Tony awards) blog - The Wing Blog and listening to their podcast Downstage Center. Stories big and small and always relevant coming from some of the most influencial artists and administrators currently working in theatre.

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