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Monday, July 26, 2010

A Good Day

These are things that happened to me today (in no particular order):

- I worked. I waited on some people from Pittsfield, which was funsies.
- I hugged both Michael Fisher and Kenny Fuentes in Cane's on Comm Ave.
- I saw a little girl rocking in a recliner in the window of Goodwill. This tugged at some heartstrings.
- I witnesses a blind couple (and two seeing-eye dogs) grocery shopping.
- I had a beer with MLM.
- I went for a 3 mile run.

... and I had a productive rehearsal. We had play. rehearsal tonight. OUTSIDE. And it was fun. For me, rehearsal in itself is fun. But this was great. Nothing gets my adrenaline pumping like an audience. And we had a random, built-in, unavoidable audience. We had people give us words of encouragement, teenagers make snide remarks, gaggles of girls giving us weird, confused stares. And some good work grew out of this environment. You have to understand that these actors are taking nothing and turning it into intentions and developing characters. Taking a list of "ingredients" or requirements/instructions and turning them into a storyline. And we had fun. And that's what its about. It was a great end to a great day and it was a day that reminded me that even when you're rehearsing two shows, working forty hours a week, attempting to see your roommates at least once a day, and trying to sleep once and a awhile, that this life is so worth it. I'm going to sleep happy tonight and going into tech for Refuge tomorrow. I wish you a fabulous week. :)

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