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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Living the Life

So, this week I am on official vacation. Well, from my day job. This week I get to live the actor life full time. The Little Mermaid has opened and performs all week at Wheelock. In 8 days I have 7 performances, 4 auditions, and have attended a theatre award ceremony. I am immersed in the scene, in performing, and in totally reveling in being a professional actor.

I have never lived this life before.

I was a community/high school theatre teenager juggling school, work, and my local community shows. I was a college actor, or, actor in training. In class, rehearsing, and also writing papers, solving math equations, and doing group sociology projects. And I have been a worker. A retail worker or an administrative worker, auditioning at night and on weekends and acting for little or no money while juggling a work schedule and other commitments. But not this week!

I'm sure a week from now will be hard. Going back to work, to juggling theatre and "real life". To be reminded again of how hard it can be to work in theatre in this town, and how much work there is yet to do to validate the life's work of performers.

But for now, I will enjoy this week and all it has to offer.

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