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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Logistics

I feel like a lot of what we post on this blog is emotion or philosophy or opinion based. We present personal experiences, we talk about issues we personally (and therefore relate to all of you dear readers) feel are important to growing the theatre community in Boston, we promote other artists, events, and organizations. And so far that has been working fantastically. Seriously, all of you out there reading we love you and appreciate you and are so glad you are tuned in to The CoLab.

But we leave out the hard parts of running a company. Mostly because it's not glamorous or artsy. And there are so many hard parts it's difficult to know where to begin. I mean just trying to go into it without being immediately boring is a true challenge. And because they're scary. Well for us. As individuals we really just like to fly by the seat of our pants so settling down and talking business is a shock to our collective system.

We had our first in person strategy session/ company meeting in months this week. It was wonderful. It was good to be back in touch on a person to person level. To go over our philosophy and mission, to update each other on various projects, to strategize about the show we are hoping to put up this summer. But then came the unsexy parts. The how, the where, the money. The money is the unsexiest part. For all of us. No matter what your particular theatrical avenue.

But we were all honest. We got it down on paper. We assigned tasks. And it's a great feeling that not only can we spread our philosophy and grow our network, not only are we commited to cultivating artists in Boston, but also that we can do the hard stuff together to keep it working. To keep moving forward. Our process is the passion. Filling a gap where we can harbor true collaboration is what makes us want to do this. But really the logistics, schedules, budgets, press lists, space searches are what will keep us going. And so we make it happen.


  1. Plus we have business cards now!!!

  2. Right on people! To paraphrase APC: you must work, you must work, you must work. ... And play, too!

    Carry on!