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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


talent (n) - natural aptitude or skill

My whole life, I've wished I had a talent. I'm an actress for sure, but that's my profession. It's my skill. It's not something I can enter in a variety show against a juggler or a accordion player. I was recently asked to perform in this type of show and I didn't know what I could contribute. I don't sing or dance or play an instrument. I'm excellent at making lists, correcting grammar, and killing a chocolate bar in an evening but I can't really do any of those things on stage. (Although, I once saw a guy eat an entire chicken parm sandwich on stage once and I have to say, it was pretty entertaining.) Glee premieres tonight and those actors are full of nothing but talents. I'm not talking about Oscar winning performances. That's a different use of a word talent. I'm talking about harmonies and melodies and belting and dance moves.

So I've started thinking, talent can't be taught. It's instinct. That much I know from watching people I think of as powerful actors. They train and rehearse for hours on end, but their basic feeling for who a character is, is pure instinct. But a hobby can be. I'll never be a powerhouse singer, but I can take lessons. I will never choreograph a musical, but dance lessons could help me to be slightly more graceful. I can train myself to make up for things I lack and I can put those things on my resume. And I can learn more about acting by seeing more theatre. It's been a long time since I've seen a play. I blame this mostly on the fact that I work most weekend nights but I need to see one this weekend. I feel so disconnected from my craft and I've craving it. I also vow to take a class or a lesson, to add to my resume and hopefully find a new talent for that next variety show. Who knows, maybe I'll be belting out showtunes just like Lea Michelle by this time next year. Although, on second thought, maybe I'll stick to singing in the shower. :)

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  1. Love this! I read a similar kind of blogpost by a friend last week. I have to admit I never thought of "talent" in this kind of context, but it's an intriguing way to frame it. Especially with the word being thrown around so frequently in our profession.

    PS. I missed Glee last night, but can not WAIT to see it online tonight.

    PPS. You should come take Organic Ballet with me on Tuesday mornings at the Dance Complex in Central.