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Thursday, April 8, 2010

YouTube Trailers

Hey folks,

So who's seen youtube trailers for theatre shows lately? It's the latest trend in online marketing. They're usually low cost to produce, people can get a feel for the show, and they create some buzz. Well friends - today I saw what I think is THE best video trailer for any theatre event so far.

Here it is!

Can't wait to see this round of Mill 6's T Plays, coming in June.

**Always M-L


  1. Hi! this is Irene from Mill 6, we're so glad you enjoyed the video (how did I not see this lovely comment till now?) we've got a great lineup of shows, hope to see you this week - thank you again!

  2. Hi Irene!

    Mary-Liz and I will be dropping by for the show tomorrow (wednesday!) and we're very excited.

    I'll also start checking out your company's blog. I like theatre blogs. Shocking to think that people actually read us, haha!

    If you see us, please introduce yourself! I don't know what you look like, but perhaps we'll cross paths!