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Friday, January 29, 2010

“No man misdeals with Joshua Quince, by Jesu!”

Some of you may be familiar with the recent Shakespearean adaptation of the The Big Lebowski. A filmmaker named Adam Bertocci adapted the screenplay into a stage adaptation known as The Two Gentlemen of Lebowski. It’s being produced all over the country, and I’ve been cast in the Exquisite Corps Theatre reading directed by Adrienne Boris.

All those acting classes paid off. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun analyzing text and doing character work. Of course, I’m in a unique position of portraying a character already so vividly immortalized onscreen. Of course, I’m treating the text like I would any other classical verse text. Interestingly enough, the poetic style of Iambic Pentameter meshes splendidly with the flamboyance of Joshua Quince (as he is known in this version.) The focus on my work thus far as been on the physical flow and exuberance, which I believe to be the key to honoring both the new character of Joshua and the original John Turturro portrayal of “The Jesus”.

There’s two ways I can see this role going sour; focusing too much on recreating the Turturro portrayal or completely ignoring it. As he’s written, Joshua Quince is completely new character and yet he and Jesus have key similarities. It’ll be a tightrope walking that line, but so far I’ve derived only joy from my exploration of the character. How often does one get to play “The Jesus”?!

Some actors use their training to prepare for Hamlet or Mother Courage. I prepare for The Jesus.

More Details will be posted as the dates approach (Feb 8th and 9th: Adrienne Boris, Director).

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