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Monday, March 22, 2010

Lending You My Ears

This past weekend, we held another Audition Workshop. Rachel Kurnos, actress/director/educator/photographer extraordinaire, took photos of the event. Sadly, I left the disc at home and have yet to upload them to the internets. But don't fret my friends, you'll get to enjoy the delightful gallery of delightful people soon!

In other news, we're getting close to a few big new steps for The CoLab. Hopefully, by mid next month we'll be unveilin a website and an official mailing list to make our outreach more efficient and market ourselves beyond our current audience/circle of friends. What started out as a group of artists seeking to produce theatre is starting to turn into something more unique, more exciting than what we originally concieved. This blog, you see, is a labor of love but also a venue for brainstorming and ideas! It's a venue for debate and study, for the discussion of practical aesthetics (not to be confused with the Mamet technique!)

As we go forward, we know that we have more readers than we previously realized. I'm surprised by how many people will mention details of our posts despite the fact that they've never posted on our comments board. We thank you for your attention! Spread the word and comment if you're so inclined!

Moreover, if you ever have thoughts and/or musings... e-mail us at colabtheatre@gmail.com and perhaps we can start including your thoughts and perspectives on our blog. We are part of the greater community of artists, and we want you to hear what you have to say. See a show you loved? Have an experience that gave you pause? Maybe even just a hilarious anecdote about life in the theatre?

Or even better... severely disagree with me? I treasure the devil's advocate more than any other, so please, have at me! I'm known for being quite opinionated, but I also adore, respect and love the people I disagree with.

Look forward to hearing from you!



  1. "Severely disagree" with Kenny? Hmm... sounds like someone I know...

  2. Time to 'fess up: I'm one of those people who's been quoting this blog lately and never commented.

    Hi! Nice to meet you! I stumbled across this blog a week or so ago and have been delightedly reading it and recommending it all over the place. I think y'all sound absolutely splendid and your ideas about collaboration are inspiring and make me want to jump in and join the party.

    /fan letter

    ~ c.

  3. Coriana:

    What a delightful surprise! You know, it's funny, because I'm not sure if we've ever formally met before, but I keep seeing you around and know who you are. My apologies if we have met and I simply forgot, as I tend to do that. Big Jerk=This guy. Anywho, I'm glad to hear you've been reading and very flattered that you've been recommending us. Please continue to spread the word and comment. I just learned how to operate the "Comment Alerts" so we'll finally be able to know when people have something to say.

    Keep in touch! See you around!