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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring Cleaning and A Lesson In Comedic Timing

So a month ago, Punxsutawney Phil woke up, saw the the crappy weather outside and decided to get six more weeks of beauty sleep before Spring starts. Well, good for Phil, but the rest of us have lives to lead, so I started my spring cleaning last week. (Side note: the Channel Five weatherman yesterday said that March 1 is the first day of the meteorological spring. That's all great but sometimes I think I'd rather listen to a groundhog than the weathermen - BUT MOVING ON!) I replaced the following things in my life: toothbrush, work shoes, running shoes, my eating habits, my work out routine and the sheets on my bed. And I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER about life right now. I'm feeling cleansed (I haven't quite gotten to the part where I clean my room, but all in due time friends, all in due time) and healthier. I really suggest making some little changes - the feng shui of your brain will thank you. Now I just have to finish memorizing this monologue for our Audition Workshop on March 20th where there are still spots left. What? Oh, yes, SIGN UP KIDS! There are spots left!

Also, my roommates and I have become obsessed with this commercial. I think that it's a phenomenal lesson in comedic timing. This guy is SPOT ON in his delivery. I've got to go work a double shift now - I'll be thinking about the commerical guy when the two old ladies who sit in my section ask to split a lunch size salad with two waters! Enjoy the day!

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