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Monday, March 15, 2010

Sucking it up.

The last few posts have been meaningful, insightful, and intelligent sounding. My collaborators have been out watching theatre and doing other artsy, fulfilling things and telling you about them. Their posts have been eloquent and have probably made you think.

This post is going to break that streak.

I. hate. memorizing. lines. I really do. I'm not bad at memorizing lines, I'm actually pretty good at doing it efficiently. But I hate sitting down to actually do it. I think it's because I get fidgety. I get excited about the words and I start saying them out loud and rehearsing and trying out inflections and imagining standing on stage and before I know it, an hour has passed and I haven't memorized nearly as much as I wanted to. I suppose if this is the worst part about acting (other than the whole waiting tables thing) then I shouldn't really complain. I could be sitting at a desk all day fidgeting and waiting for 5 p.m. Instead I am curled up in bed reading a script. I really should just suck it up, sit down, and memorize but lately I JUST CAN'T! It's easier to memorize when I have a director holding me to a deadline but I'm currently trying to memorize new audition pieces and I just keep getting distracted! In fact, I should probably stop writing this blog and go and...

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  1. I love you! And I hate memorizing lines too. And I'm glad you broke the insight streak, I was starting to feel whiny.