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Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring is nature's way of saying 'Let's Party!' *

Ok Bostonians, Spring has sprung here in Beantown (ok, so I'm a day early...it's 60 degrees out cut me some slack!) If you're inside reading this you're crazy...go outside...now...come back to me later. If you're stuck inside like I am, feel free to keep reading.

Mary-Liz's Spring TO DO List:

1. Find and prepare two new Shakespeare monologues. The ones I have are stale, and I miss feeling like I can competently audition for Shakespeare. You know, because I love it, so I should be able to do it more.

2. Sing more. Yes folks, I am the sleeper musical theatre person of this trio. It's not my first love, but I enjoy singing just for singing's sake and again see my note about competent audition skills. I can sing well, so I should be more in practice.

3. Buy a new iPod. My 2nd generation 4gb just isn't cutting it anymore. And maybe it's time for something other than hot pink....then again maybe not.

4. Read more plays.

5. Go ziplining!! Who's in?

6. Win my March Madness pool. I know I have very little (read zero) control over this, and after last night who the f* knows. But one of these days I want to win this thing - so maybe this is my year.

7. Do more networking. Look out for a mixer/fundraiser for the Co-Lab happening sometime this spring as well as my cute face out and about!

Enjoy your weekends (70 degrees tomorrow!!!)

* My title is a quote from the ever hilarious Robin Williams. Also, in my opinion, the actor with the worst Boston accent EVER.

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