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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Going Home

Tomorrow, I'll be going back to my undergraduate stomping grounds as a guest. I've been invited by a class of graduating senior theatre artists to talk about the Boston theatre scene, my career and the artist community I found since I graduated Brandeis. I just spent two hours working on some notes and outline, and I have some interesting tidbits:

Theatres that didn’t exist before 1980 – The Huntington, ART, New Rep, Nora, BPT, Wheelock. One of the oldest we have is the Lyric, which was only founded in the mid 70's.

Shocking to think about...how young the Boston theatre scene is... Many of the aforementioned theatres are world are known internationally, and they're barely older than I am.

One of the topics I'll be speaking of is the sheer number of new companies that have popped up in the past decade. Many of which are even within the past three years. I've talked alot about community in this blog, and I think that's going to be what carries this movement through the next few years. I've recently gotten a wind of what the Small Theatre Alliance of Boston is up to. It's an exciting time to produce fringe theatre in Boston!


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