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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My post today was going to be very short and simple. It was going to say "Mary-Liz is headed to Hollywood for the weekend, and if all goes as planned will be a movie star by the time she returns next week." With a picture of the Hollywood sign. It's going to be 70 and Sunny in LA all weekend.

But instead I am going to do a short rant. I am NOT going to LA this weekend. Because all of the flights out of Logan on my airline for today AND tomorrow are either sold out or cancelled. Yes cancelled do to snow. Yes snow.

Wait you don't see any snow either? Good I was afraid my rage had blinded me.

And who came up with the term "Snowmageddon" for this so-called blizzard?...oh right Obama, who lives in DC where everything shuts down and people panic over 2 inches of snow (OK so DC is getting slammed, but I'm ranting here, so whatever.) I would remind anyone who decides to refer to the snow storm (or impending or totally blown up out of proportion or never going to happen) as Snowmageddon that it is WINTER - it's not like we're getting 2 feet of snow in June, it's February. In Massachusetts. And DC for that matter which barely qualifies as the south.

Guess I'll have to postpone that plan to become a movie star until a later date, when my flight won't be snowed out. Or just cancelled. For no good reason.

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