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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Role To Sink Your Teeth Into

That's what Zach says I'm ready for. A role to sink my teeth into. I love acting - and I'll try any role once (ha - that joke ALMOST worked out) - but I feel like I haven't played a real person in awhile. Children's theatre is a whole different animal and while my role is fun, it's not built to push me in the way I want to be pushed. So a few weeks ago, I received an email with an 8 page script attached to it and the offer of a role. (If this sounds familiar, Kenny and I are in the same show. Please refer to yesterday's post to read more.) And all of a sudden, I'm down the rabbit hole again and I can't wait to explore. I'm not saying that this is the role of my life, but for now it's a fabulous snack to work on until dinner comes around, ya dig?

We take roles for different reasons, but this one drew me in because of its simplicity and honesty. The world of the play is scary and at the same time filled with the innocence of childhood. I'm playing a thirteen-year-old, the forgotten child in a family who turns a blind eye their son's "special interest" in his sisters and never speaks of the reasons their older daughter left home at seventeen. The feeling I get from this role makes me remember why I ever wanted to do this to begin with. In ten minutes, we experience laughter, pain, sadness, and the fear of the unknown. In eight pages, we see people on the surface and we take a peek inside and see who they really are. For a short while, I get to tell someone else's story. A story that is more common than I wish it was. And in this brief moment, I get to show you what I love doing. And that's what it's about. So I'll continue auditioning and searching for a full length part that will push me in the same way, but for now I'll sink my teeth into this and on this Valentine's Day I'll remember my first love... the stage.

For more information on the show, head over to the GAN-e-meed Theatre Project website. You can also check out some information about the shows and actor bios here. The evening consists of three one acts (read - this will run under an hour!) on February 14 and is FREE. If you've nothing to do, I'd love to see you there.

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