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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

It's raining in Boston. It's been raining for a few days now. This makes walking around the city quite miserable. Today, on this miserable, rainy day, I witnessed a random act of kindness at the corner of Harvard and Commonwealth Avenues in Allston. I was stopped at a red light while driving home from a very blah day at work and I noticed a blind man crossing the street with a cane. He was wearing a raincoat but had no hood and no umbrella. He made it through the crosswalk but when he tried to enter the waiting area for the T, he ended up in the street on Comm Ave where there was quite a bit of traffic. He was on the other side of a blockade and couldn't find the opening. A young man came down from the T stop and helped the blind man to the platform where an unrelated young woman sheltered him with her umbrella. And then the light turned green and I moved on with my life.

After a discouraging day, seeing this one act of do-goodery brightened even the gloomiest of days. I hope this story brightens yours and I hope that you try to pay it forward. And just in case this didn't quite brighten your day enough, here is a picture of me dressed as 8 year old Bryanna Qu8tl!nnn in The Emperor's New Clothes. Enjoy.

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