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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things I Need

Several things became obvious to me today.

1. I need more sleep. I overslept my alarm today and was late for my call. Both of our shows went well (we had double performances of The Emperor's New Clothes) but it was not the best way to start my day. This also resulted in me taking out my aggression at my roommate (sorry Jor!) which was not fun either.

2. I need new gym sneakers and a haircut. It's been awhile for both. The end.

3. I need to work on my organizational skills. Or a personal assistant to follow me around and remember where I put my keys. Whichever.

4. The New York Times needs to stop ruining the Olympics. Don't post the results before they air on NBC people! We want to be surprised when we watch Lindsey Vonn race. I'm not going to tell you how she did. Although I will say I'm happy. Nevertheless, boo to you NYT. Boo to you.

5. While I'm not observing lent, I'm having a little mini two week lent per suggestion of my personal trainer. (That's right, I have a trainer.) It's going to be hard to avoid certain foods and um... beverages but I figure if I'm paying this much for a trainer I should give her suggestions a try.

That's my life in a nutshell. Oh, and sign up for the next Audition Circle on March 20! The info is posted on our Facebook page if you're interested. There is a link to it at the top of the blog. We'd love to see you there!

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